mandag 24. desember 2007

Review done

I just a made a review I like, it explain both what I think with each move, and both show example of how mistakes sould been played out.  I think this review can help weaker players might how to think.


torsdag 20. desember 2007

Lecture with Jeff Chang starts.

Hello, again.
Now there is some time since I wrote last, and now my lectures with Jeff Chang have started.
And I love it, and all players that really want to reach far sould get one.

This lessons topic was to let him know what my main problem was.  And I got homework about my problems topic.  This way I can start study my biggest problem in a good way.

Jeff Chang can be reached at KGS.  And is a good teacher.

onsdag 12. desember 2007


Greetings everyone.

My name is Christoffer Andrè Nilsen, Im 17 years old boy from Norway
This will be my Go blogg, here I will write about everything that happends in my Go life.

This is manly for fun, but hope this might help others to start playing Go.

I started playing Go after I watched an anime named Hikaru No Go, this anime was fantastic and I rated it 10/10, even without knowing the rules or basic.  After I finnished all of it I searched up a site where I could learn the rules: this was the "famus" site: "The Interactive Way To Go". And every beginner sould take a look at that site once or twice.  After I thought I understood most of the rules I started playing Go on a internet server named: FlyorDie, I dont recomand that site. It got no undo or any way to review your match later on.  But one good thing is that it is a lot of beginners there and its a 15x15 board.  This way you can easly progress fast and soon jump to another server where the level is higher, and 19x19 boards. It is some time since I watched Hikaru No Go for the first time, but I soon quit playing after I watched it.  But after I moved to Kristiansand(another city in Norway) I started playing irl games against and old Norwegian SDK once a week.  And around 2-4 weeks from now I joined both godiscussions forum and KGS.
Today Im around 8-10kyu on KGS, and Im very happy with my fast progress.

Im soon starting to get lectures from Jeff Chang / Suyang (KGS 9dan - Chinese 5dan), and hope he will help my progress more, so I can become shodan in 08.
Im pretty sure Im going to China next summer for two month and study Go with high dans and pro's.

I will start posting some pictures and hope it will be fun to visit this blog, I might start to post my own sfg/games here, if that is possible.